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Casa Rural  La  Mallada


These photos show what is seen from the corridor of the Mallada.
Inside The Valdueza this awesome "Valley of Silence" with hermit caves and jewel mozarabe of Peñalba de Santiago, Montes Monastery and the ancient yew San Cristobal, facing the sacred mountain Aquiana and "Field of dances "
The Marrows (World Heritage Site) amazing landscape in Winter Camino Santiago, with the Castle of Cornatel and Cabrera.
Ponferrada: capital of Bierzo, its imposing Templar fortress, the old town with its museums, City Hall, Clock Tower, Plaza de La Encina with its Basilica, the still life ...
Molinaseca: first oasis of Camino de Santiago (World Heritage)
Cacabelos: La Moncloa de San Lázaro, El Palacio de Canedo and circular Castro Pieros.
Villafranca del Bierzo: berciana capital of the former province; the city more equity, peaceful, beautiful Jubilee del Camino.
  A little further:
Compludo: Blacksmith, waterfalls Carracedo and Palacios de Compludo: Wildlife Reserve
Balboa: Pallozas art and wood carving in the "House of Peoples"
Ancares, Alto Sil and Laciana: Ancestral Biosphere Reserves
Fornela: Table and pre-Roman fort of Chano.
Gistredo and Catoute: with the highest peaks of Bierzo along the spectacular glacial valley of the "Campo de Santiago" watering the picturesque village of Hills.
Our project and Intelligent Sustainable Tourism, will take you to beautiful places, will reveal many secrets, will be fed with material and spiritual delights.

El Bierzo

El Bierzo is a region noted for its tourist attraction and, therefore, have been at pains to travelers are in a web everything you need to make your stay unforgettable.

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Capital of El Bierzo, its Templar fortress, the Clock Tower, etc.

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Las Médulas

The medulla (located in El Bierzo, León) is a cultural landscape where you can find all the characteristic elements of the integration of Northwest Peninsular in the Roman Empire. Its historical heritage especially well preserved, is testimony to this historical process.

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Ornithological Association Tyto Alba

The Association of Ornithological Studies of El Bierzo "TYTO ALBA" was established in 1989 and consists of more than one hundred people, mostly biologists, environmentalists, foresters and many others with an interest in nature conservation.

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Ancient trees

As something remarkable in view of the Berciana region, you can see our centenarians even ancient trees, as Yew San Cristobal. Trees that cross cultural boundaries of the neighbors who live in their environment and stand the test of time, another vital level, seeing those generations in their daily struggle for survival and progress.

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Bierzo Natura

Natura Bierzo S. L. It is the first active tourism company Bierzo entered in the register of companies of Tourist Activities of Castile and Leon, with number 24-09.
We take advantage of the spectacular setting in which we carry out various activities in which highly qualified staff is involved.

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BINATUR is active tourism company, duly registered in the Castilla y León with TA No. 24-039 which enables us to offer many ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES IN THE BIERZO that will complement your stay and that your days of rest unforgettable. (see web BINATUR)

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